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Bull Single Chamber

Bull45 Floor Type

The smallest floor type vacuum packaging machine from our Alpha Vac product line. It's built with a compact design in mind made in rugged stainless steel construction and it has the capacity to run 16 hours per day with no problems. 4 free spinning caster wheel helps the user move it to any reachable place desired.

Bull45 Plus Floor Type

Bull45plus was design to pack liquid, stand pack, bulk product. The super deep chamber can achieve the sort of products mentioned above with perfect vacuum packaging result as compare to flat chamber type can not.

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Bull52 Floor Type

Bull52 is equipped with large chamber size with 2 seal bar for a double packaging output. If you need high speed packing quantities but have a limited storage space, the Alpha Vac’s Bull52 is the right solution for you and the Bull52 is equipped with 4 free casters can help user move it to any where. 

Bull80 Floor Type

Of all our floor models the  Bull80 is by far the best selling single chamber vacuum packaging machine on the market today. Used by butcher shop world wide this heavy duty model can seal various size bags and with seal bar position change (you can either have front and back seal / left and right seal / front and left or back and right seal). 

Bull90 Floor Type

If you wish to get more packing output per packing cycle, our jumbo Bull90 with 35.4”(900mm) seal bar length*2 / 18.5”(470mm) seal bar distance or 23.6”(600mm)seal bar length*2 / 30.5”(780mm) seal bar distance, not only provides more flexible packaging but it can also can fit various size bags. 

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