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Mini Table Top 

Mini30 Table Top

The Mini30 is the smallest of our vacuum packaging machines from Alpha Vac. It was designed to fit anywhere, non food and industrial such as laboratories, meat market, restaurant, super market and small meat processors.

Mini35 Table Top

Mini35 contain jumbo size 13.7” (350mm)seal bar length / 13.7”(350mm) seal bar distance which provides a more flexible wat to pack various size pieces of any food product. 

Mini45 Table Top

It is the most recommend type of table top vacuum packaging machines whereas it's not too big not too small but just the right size and packing speed for butcher shops, restaurants, super markets, and small processors. 

Mini90 Table Top

Mini90 fish packer was designed for customers who have a wide packing size product for food or the non food industry. The rectangle shape vacuum chamber is design with 3 seal bars to allow user to pack either short or very long bag sizes no matter if you have small piece or long cut piece of meat or sea food.


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