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Puma Double Chamber

Puma53 Double Chamber

Puma53 is a mini double vacuum chamber packaging machine from our Alpha Vac product line. We designed this model to satisfy our customers who have a  limit budget and space. 

Puma65 Double Chamber

The Puma65 was designed to increase productivity, less repackaging, minimize labor cost, and extending shelf life of food products are the keys to increase company profits.  

Puma78 Double Chamber

•Total built in stainless steel construction
•IP 65 water resistance body
•Flat chamber for easy cleaning and sanitation, suitable for HACCP industrial
•Ideal for heavy duty use whereas the machine can run for more than 16 hours per day


Puma80 Double Chamber

Puma80 is our best selling double chamber vacuum packaging machine from Alpha Vac product line. With more than 10,000 machines used  globally, it is by far the most reliable and heavy duty machine used on the market today.

Puma80s Double Chamber

Vacuum packing has the benefit to extend product shelf life and keep it in fresh condition for human consumtion. We designed the Puma80S to help customers customers who have larger sized product and speedy packing quantities.

Puma86 Double Chamber

Puma86 jumbo double vacuum packaging machines contains a large size working table for variety of packaging sizes no matter what packing product you have, large or small.


Puma86s Double Chamber

Puma86S  jumbo double  vacuum chamber machine contains a large size working table for variety  of packing sizes whether you have large piece of meat or small cut pack. This machine contain 33.8"(860mm) seal bar length *4 with a 29.5"(750mm) seal bar distance. It's a excellence selection and a wise investment for customers who need shorter seal bar distance but a larger chamber size over all.

Puma100 Double Chamber

The Puma100 is not just a jumbo size machine but it also is heavy duty, reliable and can pack various sizes of products anything from a large cut of meat, cheese, poultry, turkey and sea food to a small cut. It comes standard with an auto lid swing system to minimize manpower and labor cost. An extra seal bar in between the vacuum deck is also an option for double packing productivity.

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