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Smart Vacuum Food Packer

Smart70 Vacuum Packer

It is very successful machine contain vacuum vibration and flatten function to get very fine and organize packing result. Our Smart70 would do function with vacuum, seal, push back, vibration table push up, vibration, flatten until customer get amazing pack and smooth surface.

Smart80 Vacuum Packer

This machine was design to double output than Smart70 which mean customer will get 4 packs (2 kg) each cycle. With it compact design you can put it at limit factory space but get double packing output. The extra benefits is you only invest small money but equal to two Smart70 produce quantities. 

Smart70 Auto VacuumPacker

Smart Auto70 is a manpower free in line vacuum flatten packaging machine which designed to extend preserving time, speedy pack productivity and minimize labor cost.  

Smart80 Auto Vacuum Packer

Smart Auto800 was designed to reduce packaging and labor cost while enhancing product appearance, shield life and package durability. 

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