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Large Type VacuumTumbler

MT 1000 Meat Vacuum Tumbler

The MT1000 vacuum massage tumbler is a machine that can enhance met quality adding cure, flavor, color, marinating efficiencies and consistency. 

MT 1500 Meat Vacuum Tumbler

MT1500 was design for big size meat, poultry, seal food, ready meal processor. All of Alpha Vac vacuum tumbler has pause function allow user to check marinating status from break meat processing procedure and timer will restart from break point. 

MT 2000 Meat Vacuum Tumbler

MT2000 is the horizontal type vacuum tumbler to vacuum massage bone and boneless product such as meat, poultry, seafood. Below are the feature of MT2000 vacuum tumbler:

MT 3000 Meat Vacuum Tumbler

MT3000 is a big model and contain large drum capacity which allow user to load about 1200 to 1500L working capacity each batch. MT3000 contain below feature for variety product and using environment:

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