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Hot Water Dip Tank

HS42 is a manual type hot water shrink tank combine with vacuum packaging machine to produce vacuum skin pack and eliminate regular vacuum pack’s dog ear as well as create first grade vacuum pack and impression.  

HS 42 Hot Water Dip Tank
HS 70 Hot Water Shrink Tunnel

HS 70 in line hot water shrink tunnel was designed to connect with any type of chamber, belt type vacuum packaging machines to produce vacuum skin pack.  This in line hot water shrink tunnel also suit for high speed and big size vacuum pack factory such as cheese, beef, poultry, chicken, lamb, pork, sea food processor.  It automatically hold the shrinkable vacuum pack from belt type vacuum packaging machine and dip into hot water then discharge after few second dipping time.  For easy clean and hygienic HS 70 is built in rugged stainless steel construction and anti-evaporation cap openable.  99 program and water proof easy access touch screen panel, moisture exhaust adjustable device, emergency stop button, water low level warning, auto water filling system, easy fill and drain connector are standard for this type of machine.  You can either heat the water by electrical heater element or steam water.  Other voltage available.

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