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Inline Belt Vacuum Sealing Machines

Jaguar 1000 Inline Belt

All of Alpha Vac's CV type in line belt vacuum packaging machine are equipped with machine body angle adjustable function to cover more wide packing range than regular in line belt vacuum packaging machine even can handle soup, soup rich product with excellent result. 

Jaguar 1150  Inline Belt

Jaguar1150 was built in stainless steel construction to withstand cold, wet, harsh operation environment for a long year. 45.2”(1150mm) seal bar length allow user pack wider size bag variety for meat, frozen food, ready meal, seafood, cheese. 

Jaguar 1200 Inline Belt

The jumbo Jaguar1200 in line vacuum packaging machine accommodate 39.3”(1000mm) seal bar with 21.2”(540mm) seal bar distance to pack variety products such as meat, ready meal, cheese, soup, vegetable, soup rich product. 

Eagle80 Inline Belt

Eagle80 in line vacuum packaging machine was built for heavy duty processing facilities. It can be inserted into a packaging line or shrink pack for a more convenient and high speed productivity. It comes with a 635 mm seal bar distance provided for a  variety of packing and flexibly for meat, cheese, poultry, seal food etc. 

Eagle90 Inline Belt

Alpha Vac in line vacuum packaging machine is ideal for high speed productivity customers and single operator efficiency. The Eagle90 was designed to withstand cold, wet and harsh environments for many years of heavy duty use. 

Eagle110 Inline Belt

Eagle110 is a super jumbo belt in line vacuum packaging machine of Alpha Vac production. With a 43.3”(1100mm) seal bar length and 30.5”(775mm) seal bar distance it can pack a variety of products from a large cut of meat, cheese, poultry, seafood to small cut packing. 

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